Morrisons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

HKD 92.00
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morrisons Olive Oil Light & Mild 1L

HKD 84.00
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cc 80%

Morrisons Stir Fry Oil 250ML

HKD 22.00
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Morrisons Stir Fry Oil

Morrisons Vegetable Oil 1L

HKD 28.00
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Morrisons Vegetable Oil

Morrisons Sunflower Oil 3L

HKD 110.00
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Sunflower Oil Country of Origin United Kingdom   Suitable for vegetarians

Morrisons Vegetable Oil 3L

HKD 88.00
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Vegetable Oil

Morrisons Olive Oil 1L

HKD 64.00
Morrisons Olive Oil 1L

Morrisons Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 300ml

HKD 54.00
Ingredients: CocoNUT Oil   Directions: Store in a cool dry place away from strong odours and direct sunlight.